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On the 9th November 2017, the CORADIN Team was invited in New-York to receive the very coveted "THE ESTEE LAUDER SUPPLIER EXCELLENCE AWARD 2017 NEW PACKAGE INNOVATION".


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Spatula ANAÏS

The polished cosmetic spatula ANAÏS (lenght: 62.4mm) - with its spoon like design - is used to take cream ou ingredients out of jars. Naturally shiny, transluscent, white, black or colored, it can be decorated. Its design is very much appreciated for high end cosmetic products....


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CORADIN offers its ECODIS® range to the personal care. These dispensers are available in 10ml, 15ml and 30ml. The ECODIS® design has been optimized to keep its weight to the strict minimum as well as using as much...


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CORADIN entwickelt und produziert pharmazeutische Verpackungen und medizinische Kunstoffsgeräte nach Ihren Bedürfnissen.

Kontaktieren Sie uns jede kundenspezifische Entwicklung zu diskutieren !


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For several decades, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries have been interested in the reconstitution of a formula from two...


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Since many years, CORADIN has been developing innovative packages that allow mixing and dispensing challenging formulas composed of powder and liquid [...]
Während PCD Congress haben wir einen neuen Newsletter publiziert, in dem wir einige unserer neuen Entwicklungen vorstellen. Für weitere Information [...]


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