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STAND C19 - MOC Munich, Hall 4
COSMOPROF North America
COSMOPACK - Booth 46309
(Las Vegas, USA)

Auf der Titelseite

Known as agile and innovative, CORADIN is a company that cares as well about sustainability and responsibility. For more than 15 years CORADIN offers products for Health, Hygiene and Beauty that are manufactured in a very clean environment. The French site is certified ISO 14001. Reducing the consumption of plastic raw materials to the strict minimum has always been a target when offering [Um mehr zu wissen]
  NEU! DIADERMINE ergänzt seine Linie LIFT+ mit zwei BOOSTERS: Anti-falten Hyaluron und Revitalisierender Vitamin C
Since many years, CORADIN has been developing innovative packages that allow mixing and dispensing challenging formulas composed of powder and liquid, freeze-dried ingredients and liquid or liquid/liquid.   These systems find applications in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and cosmetic fields. The strategy of CORADIN is to offer his partners high performance solutions that meet the growing demand [Um mehr zu wissen]
Das neue CLINIQUE Fresh Pressed™ Daily Booster mit reiner Vitamin C 10% wurde im März 2017 eingeführt!
Der Spachtel Margot 62 ist ein polierter kosmetischer Spachtel von 62mm. Naturlich hell, durchsichtig, weiss, farbig oder verziert, er begleitet Ihre kosmetischen Pflegeprodukten mit Bravour