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STAND C19 - MOC Munich, Hall 4
COSMOPROF North America
COSMOPACK - Booth 46309
(Las Vegas, USA)

A la une

Known as agile and innovative, CORADIN is a company that cares as well about sustainability and responsibility. For more than 15 years CORADIN offers products for Health, Hygiene and Beauty that are manufactured in a very clean environment. The French site is certified ISO 14001. Reducing the consumption of plastic raw materials to the strict minimum has always been a target when offering [lire la suite]
  NOUVEAU! DIADERMINE complète sa gamme LIFT+ avec deux BOOSTERS: Anti-rides acide hyaluronique et Revitalisant Vitamine C
Since many years, CORADIN has been developing innovative packages that allow mixing and dispensing challenging formulas composed of powder and liquid, freeze-dried ingredients and liquid or liquid/liquid.   These systems find applications in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and cosmetic fields. The strategy of CORADIN is to offer his partners high performance solutions that meet the growing demand [lire la suite]
Le nouveau CLINIQUE Fresh Pressed™ Daily Booster avec 10% de Vitamine C pure a été lancé en Mars 2017!
La spatule Margot 62 est une spatule cosmétique polie de 62mm, disponible en PS. Naturellement brillante, transparente, blanche ou de couleur, voire décorée, elle accompagne vos soins cosmétiques avec panache.